Welcome to C.G.Allan's Special Scribbles Page #2!"
'All Things Indy!'

C.G.Allan has a secret obsession... an inescapable habit
of collecting any memorabilia about Indiana Jones...
He's been a fan of the franchise
ever since he first watched (& re-watched!)
Temple of Doom as a kid
which he recorded on VHS from TV in the late 80s...
Since then he's began collecting Indy memorabilia,
written his own Indy fan fiction,
and now hosts a segment on "The Indycast"
(the world's Number 1 Indiana Jones podcast!)
called 'Indiana Jones in the UK'.
From a newsletter at C.G.Allan's day job:

On this page C.G.Allan shares rare memorabilia
and documents his plans to write a full-length fan fiction novel...

Now you've seen the teaser,
search back on
the Homepage
for C.G.Allan's Fan Fiction page
(Clue: don't be afraid to be too negative,
you're already very warm indeed!)

Some of the early podcast adventures of Chris G Allan
are on SoundCloud here:

Coming Soon from the pen of C.G.Allan...

Indiana Jones & the Mystery of Ages Past
(a novel in the making)
by C.G.Allan

Chris has craft-edited a few fan videos
of the Man with the Whip and the Hat - here they are:

Listen in on MORE early episodes of "IJ in the UK" on the Internet Archive:

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