You've found C.G.Allan's "FEATURED FICTION #9"
'Small stories from the Big Screen!'

As I was growing up, the television was always on in our house.
During summer holidays, weekends and after school,
in between adventures playing outside, I'd be glued to the box
watching movies and T.V. shows, educating myself on celluloid history.
I also loved going to the cinema with my brother each Saturday morning
watching our screen heroes battle villains and ride off into the sunsets.
It's maybe for these reasons that when I came to begin scribbling stories
I found that my style was "filmic", writing scenes visually as I went...

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Coming Soon from the pen of C.G.Allan!

You may have read of his young exploits,
you’ve probably seen the tales of the missions of his prime,
but nothing could have prepared him or you
for the misadventures he’d face in old age...

Coming Soon from the pen of C.G.Allan!

It all begins with a fateful conversation
between brother and sister on a treetop sanctuary
before the young Skywalker is brought before his father...
The film then speeds us along to the final showdown
but what happened in between these times?