Welcome to C.G.Allan's Special Scribbles Page #1!"
'Adventures in Scriptwriting!'

Long before dreaming up a fictional village central to the story
of his first adventure novel, C.G.Allan and a few friends
thought they'd have a go at some comedy scriptwriting...
First they conceived and imagined a zany English country village
for radio, then the old gang got all ambitious and went on to create
an epic feature film which also began on the scripted page...

Coming Soon from the pen of C.G.Allan...

...the full story of how our gnome movie was created...
You can now read the pot-holed history of how C.G.Allan & Co
first got creative and created a fictional village
chronicling the zany life of people there
for an ill-conceived (but very funny, we think!) radio series...

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Now you've read how we made them,
take a listen to our first "village comedy"
The Sinister Case of the Missing False Teeth: